‘Barbara Cox Woman of the Year’ Award

Barbara Cox Award

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Cox Automotive UK have teamed up with leading trade magazines AM and Fleet News to launch the ‘Barbara Cox Woman of the Year’ Award in the UK.

Now in its 13th year in the USA, the award is named after Barbara Cox, the business pioneer who served as a Director of Cox Enterprises – and is part of the business’ Women with Drive programme, which aims to inspire women to achieve their career goals within the automotive sector.

Alison Fisher, Chief People Officer, said: “I know that many of us in the automotive industry are keen to find ways of attracting more female talent into the sector. One way to do it is to celebrate the achievements of women that are already making a real difference in our sector.”

The award is industry-wide and the nomination window is open until 31 January. The winner will be announced on 8 March at a special ‘Women with Drive’ event which celebrates International Women’s Day. 

For more information, visit the Women with Drive website or hear more from Alison about the exciting new award here.

Source: Cox Automotive

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