Changing market, changing remarketing

The market is changing, and remarketing needs to change too. Especially since selling used cars will become more important in the overall business model.

Alexander Prinssen (Director Motors, Global B2B Sales & Marketing Strategy, eBay) unravelled the myths of buying a car, and he showed how the car buying and selling process can be improved based on this knowledge.

B2B to B2C
Moreover, by shifting from B2B to B2C and by using different data than only the traditional vehicle data, he explained how to generate tailor-made offerings for the potential buyers in order to increase the used vehicle purchase rate and price.
Exactly such a customer-central platform is, a B2B and B2C pan-European platform for buying and selling cars. In combination with CarNext’s network, the platform can optimise the assets of the used vehicles by matching demand and supply internationally.

Right customer, right price
The importance of selling used cars was underlined by Martin Verreli, International Business Development Director, cap hpi. “Many dealers in Europe earn money by selling used cars and by offering maintenance, rather than by selling new cars. In the changing market, the ability to make money from maintenance will decrease, so if you cannot make money with used cars as a dealer, you’re out of the market”.
Selling the car to the right customer for the right price, will therefore be crucial to staying in business, which is exactly what these companies are focusing on.

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