Digital retailing is about more than technology

“To win in the new retail environment is to embrace the online channel while simultaneously changing the traditional in-stores process,”

according to Pete Batton, general manager of Digital Retailing at Cox Automotive.

In an op-ed published by Automotive News, Batton encourages dealers to not only embrace technology, but also disrupt themselves.

He says: “The new model for auto retail isn’t simply about taking another step forward in online sales or inputting consumer information online. This new model is about entirely transforming the way you approach the business. It’s about rethinking how you sell a car; how you attract and retain the best talent; how you structure your business to better fit the future of auto retail. If you have simply checked the box by having an ‘online lead handling department,’ you likely have missed the point.”

Read the full op-ed published in Automotive News on December 24, 2018.

Source: Cox Automotive

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