Manheim’s latest initiatives improve personalization, trade-in valuation

Manheim has seen how consumer brands such as Amazon and Netflix have increased customer engagement by deploying personalized services. Now, Manheim is following that example to enhance its own offerings, like its mobile app and Simulcast service.

In other Manheim news, the company is now integrating with vAuto’s Provision to help dealers value consumer trade-ins and act more quickly to list vehicles in the wholesale marketplace.

Manheim says its moves toward more personalization come as dealers are demanding digital channels that allow dealers to confidently and efficiently buy and sell inventory. They will be able to find the vehicles most relevant to them, gain quick access to their most frequently used digital tools, and find more information about the vehicles they are looking to purchase.

The homepage, search experience, Simulcast, and Seller Dashboard are among the areas that the company says will see enhanced personalization in 2019.

In addition, Manheim says it is creating “a new mobile experience” for dealers. That personalized experience will provide dealers features such as recommended vehicles, relevant filters, improved keyword search and faster access to important information. Sellers will receive various services from the desktop via the mobile app.

A group of dealers will be part of a pilot program for the new in the second quarter. After that, all users will be able to try the new experience throughout the rest of 2019.

“The enhancements to both and the mobile app reflect Manheim’s continued investment in digital channels,” Zach Hallowell, vice president, Manheim Digital Marketplace, said in a news release. “With solutions geared exclusively for our clients, dealers will be able to navigate the digital wholesale marketplace with increased information, helping them make faster and more informed decisions.”

For the second recent piece of Manheim news, the company is describing its integration with vAuto’s Provision as the first integration between two Cox Automotive mobile apps. The integration combines two mobile technologies, vAuto’s Provision app and Manheim Express, and the company says that helps dealers list inventory for wholesale quickly. Not having to transport a vehicle to auction saves time and money, the company adds.

Manheim says the connection helps make wholesaling vehicles easier and more cost-effective. Dealers evaluate approximately 450,000 trade-ins each month with Provision. Of those, 50,000 end up in Manheim’s wholesale marketplace, according to the company.

“The integration helps dealers know how much they can get for a vehicle at wholesale, and begin the wholesale process, whether it’s during a trade-in appraisal or after a vehicle hasn’t sold at retail, with a single tap on a mobile device,” Randy Kobat, senior vice president of vAuto, HomeNet, and Dealertrack DMS for Cox Automotive, said in a news release.

When it is time for vAuto dealers to wholesale a vehicle, the Manheim Express integration gives them what the company is calling a Guaranteed First Bid — or an instant, real-money offer — on that vehicle. Guaranteed First Bid is driven by valuation data from the Manheim Marketplace Report, and it sets a minimum floor price for a dealer’s vehicle.

Dealers using Guaranteed First Bid can reduce their risk and make good decisions during their appraisal and wholesale processes, according to the company.

Manheim will purchase the vehicle at the Guaranteed First Bid price if the vehicle does not sell for the floor price, or higher, within two sale-days of being listed. Dealers can quickly move unwanted vehicles off their balance sheets, according to Manheim.

“Combining Manheim Express’ Guaranteed First Bid with vAuto’s Provision appraisal processes provides dealers greater confidence in the values they are placing on trade-in vehicles,” Derek Hansen, vice president of Offsite Solutions at Manheim, said in a news release. “And with the ability to instantly list a vehicle, this partnership shows the seamless experience Cox Automotive is creating for dealers in the new digital wholesale marketplace.”

Source: Auto Remarketing

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