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RMS Automotive is part of Cox Automotive Europe.

RMS Automotive software transforms remarketing outcomes for large fleet operators by giving them full visibility and control of their vehicles. The modular vehicle management software builds around a customer’s needs to provide a single view from factory order to disposal, resulting in streamlined processes, improved decision making and optimised vehicle values.​

RMS Automotive connects inhouse and third-party systems, aggregates data, and automates reports and actions. It facilitates cross-border transactions and can scale from local to multi-market with ease. The platform is flexible and constantly evolving.​

With the full picture available in real time, RMS Automotive makes it easy to identify risk and manage costs. Self-serve AI apps accelerate accurate damage appraisal reporting, upstream opportunities and speed of sale.

RMS Automotive supports the implementation of a digital first remarketing strategy. Vehicles cascade through owned channels, wholesale or retail marketplaces according to demand and potential. ​

Global Expertise

more than 1.7M VEHICLES sold
40+ currencies handled
30+ languages supported

The RMS Automotive team serves major clients across the globe. We have operations or contracts in 29 countries and service is available in 29 languages and 42 currencies.

RMS systems are designed to facilitate multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-fiscal cross-border transactions, capable of adapting to the differing tax regimes throughout the world.

Cox Automotive – creating the future of automotive today


Cox Automotive Europe is driving digital and physical transformation of defleet, remarketing and retail operations for our manufacturer, fleet and dealer customers throughout Continental Europe and the UK.

We work in partnership with them to not just provide dependable solutions that improve performance and profitability throughout the vehicle lifecycle today, but to innovate and prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow.

As part of Cox Automotive, the worlds largest automotive service organisation, we’re transforming the way the world buys, sells, owns and uses vehicles.

Cox Automotive is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, a privately owned-global company with 50,000+ employees and nearly $20 billion in revenue.

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