How Manheim Express is revolutionising used-car trading

Manheim Express is more than just another digital auction platform for used cars. It doesn’t just improve: it revolutionises. Buying and selling has never been faster, safer or more efficient – including across Europe’s national borders in the future. How is it doing that?

As you might expect, Manheim Express ( brings together a wealth of digital functions to make life easier for professional dealers.

Transparency and security

Some examples:

  • A sales employee can set up a vehicle for sale via just a few steps on the app.
  • A seller can increase the number of potential buyers thanks to a secure link and brokerage solution.
  • And a buyer can offer their customers a wide selection, thanks to transparency on vehicle conditions and details – and security on price estimates and logistics solutions.

Unique combination

On top of that, the platform offers a host of personal services in a combination that is available nowhere else.

  • Using VIN Scan, the seller can make the DAT vehicle specific data available to the buyer.
  • If a CarPass is available, the vehicle history is accessible.
  • Via a Valuation Service, the dealers get a quick overview of current prices and market data.
  • The platform automatically compares different vehicles of the same type on the platform.
  • The seller can even record the engine sound via the app, so buyers can hear as well as see the vehicle.

Experience and resources

Sellers specify a minimum price and a desired price, set the auction’s closing date (and can include a buy-it-now option). After the auction, they can rely on an in-house transport solution to get the vehicle where it needs to go. Thanks to cooperation with EuroCoc, that includes anywhere in the EU.

Manheim Express is not the debt-financed front end of a fledgling start-up, but the product of Cox Automotive, a global player with the experience and resources to match its ambitions.

Continuous improvements

Since the soft launch mid-June, Manheim Express has received a lot of praise from the market, especially for its user-friendliness and the positive contributions of its trade desk team.

Feedback also allows the platform to evolve. For example, by October, the Proven Expert rating system will allow rated buyers to sell, a feature not available on other platforms.

Continuous improvements ensure that Manheim Express will continue to attract players in the Europe-wide B2B used-vehicle trade – revolutionising the business in the process.

All off it combined with the attractive pricing model supports the mission of Manheim Express to democratize technology and enable the dealernetwork to benefit from technology that in isolation would be hard to afford.

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Source: Fleet Europe